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Too Hot (Ostrogoth)

I saw her standing there,
A bright light of fire in her eyes
She cuts right through me
My heat I could no way disguise

She saw me burning alive,
I was done, She had won.
There was no chance to survive,
'cause this girl was TOO HOT !

She got me prisoner
and I did not want to be free.
Glad to be caught,
I let her throw away the key.

TOO HOT , She's like a devil's kiss.
TOO HOT , oh what an ardent Miss.
TOO HOT , she's flashing back at me.
TOO HOT , She sets my heart aflame.

Our days are gone now,
her body burns some other men.
But the flames of this girl
are still smouldering under my skin.

I'm still here burning alive,
She's a liar, I'm on fire.
I'm never gonna revive,
'cause this girl was TOO HOT !


One day She'll crawl back,
she'll beg me to take her again.
That's when I'll make her
pay back for the pain I am in.

repeat chorus