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Through Your Eyes

Hidden Intent
Through your eyes
I can see your lies
In this world divine

You want me alive
Lets reverse our lives
And see how you’d like it
Inside your eyes
Tells all lies
The way you move the way you talk

Seems what you say didn’t take much thought
You do I believe?
Who do I trust?

Give me your crown
Give me all the power
Give me all the fame

Give me your crown
Give me all the power
Let me play your game

I might as well aim and shoot at random
Cause your all the same

Now your mine
How can I make you suffer?
Ohhh so many choices
Where to I begin?

(Solo – Bennett)
(Solo – Bennett)

Know your enemy
Read between the lies
I know your hidden intent
Don’t try and hide

Don’t believe everything you read
Don’t believe everything you hear
Don’t believe what they tell you to fear
Look beyond what you’ve been told

Evil, Refusal
The fine print tells all lies
Where is the truth?