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Those Of The Great Tree


Band/Artist: Helgafell

Album: Landvaettir

Time, the stages of change,
woven by the hands of norns,
eternity, held within the eyes of the weavers at the well,
runes carved into bark as events unfold,
telling tales of young and old,
those who have fought and died,
battled to survive to become the brave and bold,
honour and valour forged in tales,
becomes intertwined with wood,
the sacred vessel of nords,
from snowcaps to shores stands immortal where stars once stood.

a mighty tree showered in white hail,
glistening eternally day and night,
nine worlds, each hang from branch,
convey a story of wonder and wights.

the ash tree of the horse of Yggr,
the ash tree of the horse of Yggr,
the ash tree of the horse of Yggr,
the ash tree of the horse of Yggr,

Storm pale, perched high above the ash
speaking words carried through the leaves,
the messenger, scurries through the growth
delivering messages both sent and received,
the serpent, gnawing at the roots which
trap him and contain his anger and grief,
a cycle of life, destined to renew,
an ecology sewn in hardened wood,

Hollow whispers from bark to conscience,
pleading voices demand us to be right,
From branch to branch,
from father to son,
through the eyes of the mother,
whos roots lay in stars,
kingdoms collapse,
the people divide,
ignoring union that helps us survive

Divine and resiliant to machine,
eternal, ever growing, woods of green,
replenish soil to cleanse fallen dreams,
a vision built from nature holds the key.