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The Machine

You harmonize
The noise levels wrong
But what can you do
You can't apologize
The song will take a nose dive and so will you

In this mixed up music haven
The mighty fall the weak grow strong
I can't start to tell you
How to do the things that we do (we just do it)
The machine is getting hungry
And it's tired, it's needs new blood

But if you qualify
For a session then you're doing alright
But if you play and die
It's time to put out the light and say goodbye

There's a lot of uphill climbing
So reach the top and try to stay
You won't live forever
You've got to keep yourself together (thru whatever)
The stage is set and waiting there
The spotlights searching the crowd is there

Lead Break

They'll critisize
You'll take some knocks along the way but what do you care?