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The Lurid

Hadal Maw

Band/Artist: Hadal Maw

Album: Senium

Buried in this mind is contamination
These gears of abbhorence churning time
The clocks
They speak no surrender
Unyielding arrows pointing to hell

Like cattle they herd at the foot of their withering crown
Incessant nourishment they seek
Foul hordes entwined in mass self indulgence
Into the carcass they sink their teeth

They feed the illusory mind
Measureless indoctrination
Passed through the embolic veins of falsehood
Like rabid waters of Stygian rage
Eroding the core of the ages undone

Bow down
To the unearthly convulsions of man
It's holy revelation
Will sound the discord of clarion immense
It's thunders below
They carry me out
Into Cimmerian cold

This is where the torment sleeps
A place beyond your knowing
This where the lurid creep
So close you cannot see
Inside your chest
Their fingers lie
Within the marrow's keep

Thy coil of fury burns at both ends
Blinding is the light to behold
There shall be no desertion of my will upon thee
You cannot defy
For I am he whom drinketh of the sun
Devourer of flame
Ravening one