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The Hymn

Brown, Arthur
This is my body
Hair sticking strangely through my skin make me... oink, oink, oink!
But when you stroke my fur... Ow! Miaow!

This is my body
It is a home for my mind
Beating soft time, my clock pumps brain along my skin
Where five doorways bring strange travellers before the Father's judgment

This is my body
It is a temple for my soul
Wherein seven stairways bring messengers of freedom
To the altar in my heart built on twin pillars of pain and joy
There burns the flame of love for my fellow beings

We'll build a new world
Where creatures live in joyful harmony
A love society

This is the first fruit
Of man's endeavour to be free
True sincerity

New laws for living
Justice risen from charity
Knowing each other's minds
We will not lie or steal

We shall discover
Love sprung out of eternity
Nature time's fertile womb

All children of one family
Working for destiny

Awaking in the human soul
To set our spirit free
And make this earth a home
Of realised divinity