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The Hard Way

Black, Clint

Band/Artist: Black, Clint

Album: The Hard Way

Funny thing about a mind
Lookin' for that brighter side
It's the only way that I can find
To let my feelings hide

But every now and then
I falter back on old memories
And I'm right back in love again
And back down on my knees

And I'm finding out the hard way
There'll never be a time when I don't think about you
And I'm finding out the hard way
At least here in my mind, I won't go on without you

All the times I reminisce
I'm finally realizing this
Until it's gone it can't be missed
But I'm finding out the hard way

Sure I'm gonna make it through
The sun'll overtake the night again
Then it's out of my mind with you
And let another day back in

And for a while I'll carry on
But what you said is surely comin' true
And although it might not last that long
The times are not so few

I'm finding out the hard way