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The Experiment

Brown, Arthur
I'm the multiracial transplant man
With a fifty nation brain
I'm thought-proof, unpolitical
And my nerves just won't feel pain
They've set my pleasure pattern
To a constant state of bliss
My waste products evaporate
I don't need to shit or piss

What would I do if I were you?
I really do not know
Smoke dope, drink beer to drown the fear
Or find a mind to blow
Or ask this question just in fun:
"What is that you do that can't be done?"


O mighty father we have made
You are the master, we the slaves
In church of stone we kneel to thee
With rod of guilt thou sets us free
O beat me now that I may see
How wrong I was to question thee

On the Eastern side of the Western border strip
There was a certain man who took a certain trip
He didn't want to stay but he couldn't get away
So he gave it up and got it out and gave his wife a lay
Yes, he gave his wife a lay and then he put it all away
Made a cup of coffee, wife had a smoke
Got a little bit bored and found another bloke
Cat split and made a mess, chicken nearly flipped
Tried to get it together and almost missed

Take a walk along the strip, don't ever lose your way
There'll be a cat who'll tell you where it's at and tell you where to get a lay
Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen and they'll come back for more
Don't lose your head when you're in bed, don't let 'em know the score
Now listen all you women, you're not like what I say
Eat your crisps and carrots, eat your marrow too
Dip it in your yoghurt, the rest is up to you
Light a candle up and let it melt into your fire
Wait a little bit longer, you can go much higher

I used to get up early in the morning
And listen to the rumbling of my bowels
And as my sphincter was yawning
That's when I'd practice my open vowels

Stop! Don't point that cosmophonic beam at his pineal gland!