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The Ephemeral Equation

Unfathomable Ruination
The universe emanates, transforms and destroys
Till finally merges into shapeless dimensions
Beyond conception of sentient mind

Virtues and failings are inseparable
Like force and matter when they eventually separate

Delusional group-thinking corrupts the bond
Man is no more
Life is an equation incapable of solution,
Yet contains known factors we replaced with false flags

The complete mastery of mind over this world
Is now a forgotten purpose
Evolution is often eclipsed by our prodigal animosity
The harnessing of human nature to human needs

Individuals are ephemeral,
Races and nations come and pass away
But man remains

One should not be sane to think clearly
Rather think deeply and be quite insane
Universe has a core from which to obtain knowledge,
Which is feared and denied by the oligarchy