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The Envious Deed


Band/Artist: Helgafell

Album: Landvaettir

An ominous dream,
did the brother of joy receive,
a grave misfortune,
could thus leave all to grieve,
after telling of nightmares,
and of visions from below,
what fate would befall him,
the high gods had to know,

The alfather travels,
to consult about his son,
through muck and through mire,
to the underworld he comes,
the seeress spoke of the fate
that was forseen by no one,
returning home now in mourning,
telling all what he had learned.

So Frigg journeyed far and wide,
and gathered oath here and there,
from dangerous to harmless things,
they pledged to treat Baldr with care,
but the trickster was cunning,
hearing of the one thing ignored,
embracing the opportunity,
finding weakness in the ward.

The blind God,
Loki had led estray,
A mistaken action,
to Hodr they lay the blame.

The envious deed,
a catalyst of sorrow,
the joyful seed,
replanted in fields now hollow,
a light for the aesir,
diminished by thorns of jealousy,
a dormant betrayal,
confirmed by the hands of treachery.