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The Dream Eater

The dark sky falls over me.
My demons chase me.
Before me only doors, sealed by my fears.
Behind which there's only blood stained walls.

My legs, exhausted, buckle under the weight of my body.
I crawl in the mud at the rhythm of my heartbeats.
Trapped, I shut my eyelids with titanic force.
And a word draws on my trembling lips.

After the echo of my voice, the purest silence
My heart calms down, my eyes ajar.
The light reveals me a magical landscape
There's no more fear or pain, only peace...

While I walk, I'm a witness of the changing seasons
At every step, the sun warms less.
The falling green leaves, touch the ground made snow

A growl shudders time and space
I spot through his eyes
And I see my soul reflected on them
The taste of fear in my mouth
A unique heart beats
Vital link
He wants to end with my torment
And free me from my nightmares.