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The Chihuahua

Cameron, Alex
Our love was like a fire
Yeah, I pissed on it so I could sleep
Now I'm scrolling
Haven't counted casualties
And no sense a disillusion
No sense of profound tragedy
My rage is but a blinking satellite
Hurtling towards nothing

'Cause the pussy leaves town when the boss ain't around for the feeding
Yeah the pussy leaves town

Since you and me, baby
No place that I'm supposed to be
Yeah the wind dun changed and my face stuck still
Because heartache is for the ugly
And I get my satisfaction baby
Got it streaming in 1080p
Across multi-tabs I see sun-kissed flesh
I see no end to talk to misery

Chasing pussy online 'cause the dog's feeling fine and he needs it
Chasing pussy online

Love's a diabetic sweetness
Love's a fistful of bronze jewelery
Love's a dragon dressed all suede and leathery
Through the heartache comes a softness
But sing with such a true clarity
The song is such a terrifying welcome
And I hope I don't get what's coming to me

Now the pussy leaves town, when she's not around I don't need it
Now the pussy leaves town
Yeah, the pussy leaves town
When she's not around god I need it
Yeah the pussy leaves town
Said the pussy leaves town
When she's not around takes the pussy with her
Yeah the pussy leaves town