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The Cat

Climax Blues Band
Now I remember there used to be this cat
That walked my street every day
He wouldn't let a damn thing get in his way
He'd kinda be slidin' underneath that traffic
A-jumpin' up over the wall
There was nothin' to it
The cat'd just do it

Now I'd be sittin' there
Watchin' the whole thing happen
With the stoplights flashin'
And the drivers slappin' the wheel
The cat was the real deal

Now one day as I was sittin' there waitin' for the show to begin
Man, I heard those sirens wavin' and I just knew it was him
He done bust into a jewelry store
The cat had done it a dozen times before
'Cause he was in and out real quick
The cat was so slick

He ran straight by me and gave me a smile
A-tossed me a rock, I know that cat got style
Ain't no doubt
The cat was [?]

Now I sat and waited every day for maybe two months or more
Before I saw that cat again
This time he came over to me
And, uh, thanked me for not turnin' his ass in
I said, "Hey man, that's so cool
I just sit here every day on this old stool
And watch the world just go by
And watch you do it so fly"

He asked me what did I do
With the rock he threw
I said I'm keepin' that safe for a rainy day
He just laughed
I said, "Hey man, ain't life a gas"