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The Awakened Few


Band/Artist: Helgafell

Album: Landvaettir

Horizons birth a new day, bathing the ground with sight,
the purity of vessels solidified in sight,
to want is to hold closely, the embrace of each womb,
true growth reaches far boundaries, within the darkest tomb,
for too long we have sheltered deepest woven desires,
our banners lay on flat ground, empty remain the pyres.
blind are the eyes of mankind, encorouged not to see,
locked in cages is instinct, thrown away is the key.

Allow the roots of Yggdrasil, to bind you close to home,
drink from the well of Mimir, and see what wasn't known,
achknowledge Ymir's actions, wield honour strong and true,
deluded are the many, awakened are the few,

Layers of regret, pealed from coded flesh,
Reconjered and rewritten, removal of the hex.

The Awakened few, refusing the control,
through truth we are significant,
through strength we break the mould,
history long forgotten, recovered from below,
to learn is to remember, to hear is to bestow.