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Sweet Lil' Suzie

Axel Rudi Pell
She's young and fine like
A sip of good wine,
And she plays like she's
Dyin' to meet u
And if you take her home,
Once you get her alone,
That's when her
Innocence beats u.

Same old story
For a small town girl,
She's gonna play you like
A fool, yeah,
She'll take you up
Then bring you down,
Have a drowning in your
Own little pool, yeah.

Oh, sweet little suzie, who's
Your victim for night
On sweet suzie won't
You turn out the lights,
(Give it for me now)

Well, i played along,
Thought i'd know the game.
Took a chance
With a true emotion
Gave her heaven and more
Than anyone could give
Sweared on my devotion.

She took it all in stride,
Just another ride,
You know i must've been
A blind, yeah,
Cuz, now she's feedin' off
Another lost soul,
She's got your heart on
The line, yeah.