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Swear To God

Blac Youngsta
[Yo Gotti:]
See I was shooting a video out in the middle of south memphis I seen a young nigga... Nigga like actually dancin In front of my car and shit, nigga had the extendo on and shit... And he introduced himself, "Look I'm Youngsta" told a nigga "What you tryna do?" You know one thing about nothin, I respect a nigga hustle and I asked him- was he gonna put it all in this shit and he said - I swear to God

[Blac Youngsta:]
Swear to God I'm a give this game everything I got
Swear to God I ain't lettin no lil fuck nigga trick me out my spot
Streets ain't the same I want out, right now now now
Swear to God I waited for this
I been a little patience for this
Can't let a fuck nigga take this away from me
Swear to God they hating on me that's why I keep niggas away from me
All these devils coming around me, somebody please pray for me