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Storming The Burning Fields

Bursting through the fires avenging
Fatal warning battles are raging
Power of darkness rise for the fight
We'll be strong and stand our ground

Death is all around us and my heart is beating weaker
Fight the day with power of immortal souls arise
Fire in our hearts the evil rages on forever more
Burning until the battle rage is gone

Through damnation we rise sign of the times master of bleeding eyes
Thunder and high look to the sky you never gonna take us down!

And we will cross the evil standing on the temple in the fire storming
Fly beyond the lost horizons high
Heroes of the night are calling
See the promised land is falling
Reaching for the powers deep inside
On through the night

Blinded by the hate and desire
Burning in your heart like a fire
Challenging all the suffer and fear our horizons take control
Blood spills all around us and our enemies draw nearer
Sacrifice your life to have them carry you away
Take us to the place of death and carry on forever more
Burning on the dreams of memories long gone!

And you'll die for your crimes sign of the times master of endless lies
Fight to the end now we ascend together we will take them down


[Instrumental Bridge]

[Solos: Herman/Sam/Herman/Sam]