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Step into the Light

Hidden Intent
Enter this nightmare
Where nothings what it seems
Repent your sins to me
As we rid this vivid dream

Gazing upon me, feasting at the eyes
Crawling closer to you and I, It’s no surprise
Dark figures swirl around in a rigid maze
Manipulating the mind, it’ll bring you so much pain

Sight, Sight

Lurking in the dark, searching, he craves

Fight, Fight
Stand up and fight

Stare into his eyes, step into the light

Sucked from within, it’s vile and impure
His eyes rage with a haste, behold his grandeur
Rounded up like cattle, we must fend off the plagues
Leaving our thoughts among the blind


Your fate
An illusion of fear
Violate, Manipulate
The enemy draws near

(Solo – Bennett)

Step into the light, light, light
Stand up and fight, fight, fight