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Spontaneous Cumbustion

Visions Of Disfigurement
Life draining from her eyes, her arsehole gaping wide. Cum seeping from her ass, this will be her final ride. Stamp her teeth down her cum-filled throat, gargling on blood and semen. Cut her, slice her, gut her, dice her, this is my gateway to pleasure. Gauge her eyes in, pound her rectum, this will be her final hour. Drench her cunt in filthy semen, stuff my fist in her hacked up twat. Entrails leaking out of her putrid rotting cunt. She pleads for no more, I wrap them around her throat. Open up her slimy arsehole forcing in my pulsing member, blood is dripping down her thighs as I ram my cock in deeper. Every thrust is making a scream, with the sound of fecal squelching. Cram my cock into her mouth forcing her to taste her own shit. Throw this slut to the streets and grind her face on concrete. Watch her skin peel of becoming part of the ground. Cramming her carcass into a body bag, disposing of her lifeless remains. Condemning her to the maggots, satisfaction as worms flow through her corpse. Spontaneous Combustion as my fantasy came to life. Beating that tramp 'til her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her corpse is left rotting in dirt, glazed in crusted blood and semen.