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Spoils Of An Empire

Eliminator (GBR)
Our swords sang the song of storms
Three thousand men sailed forth to hell
To claim the artefacts of wicked lands...
And pagan shores

We're fighting as one
We run under, under the moon

No gods of hail or lightning
Can turn this ship off our course
We fare across the sea to claim their wealth
With righteous force...
And thundering might

Burning our backs as we march to the sun
Pyramids crumble and monoliths fall
Shields of blinding light!

Searching the crypt for the idols of fortune
Set fire to villages poison the fields
The spoils of the Empire were taken by demons
A thundering roar from the murderous fleet

And in the night, they came

Behold the spoils of the Empire
Treasure brought before our Queen
The gold has bathed in heathen blood
Silver wrought from sin