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Special Brew


Band/Artist: Stormzone

Album: Seven Sins

With the help of my damnations
With the power of candle light
They mix my potions
And do exactly what I say
With the help of my creations
In the darkness of the night
I use the very soul
I've sworn to give away
I can make things right

Some men cry, some men plead
Some men pray for a miracle
What I sell, what they need
Nothing here for the cynical
Lose your pride, lose your fears
You've come here for a miracle
One part hope, one part tears
Nothing here for the cynical
Come and try my special brew
Made especially for tonight

I appear from out of nowhere
Not a trace from where in sight
It's not important
When it comes to what I sell
I have something for you somewhere
Let me have a look inside
Ah yes, my special brew
Good choice, welcome to Hell

How many pills would you like
What you can afford should be right
You'll be so different tonight
So how many pills would you like
What sort of potion's desired
Do you feel lonely and tired
Feel your emotions get fired
So what sort of potion's desired