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Solid Ground

Anderson, John (USA)
A good Christian raising
a family foundation
Mom and Dad
who taught us right from wrong

Even through the hard times
we stayed close together
that's the solid ground
that made me strong

But there were places that I had to go
and things I had to find
I was looking for the answers
to the questions in my mind

But all of the answers
would be found on solid ground

For a while I wandered aimlessly
and couldn't see the way
I had to find out on my own
That the things that I was looking for
were things I left behind
Sometimes you never miss it till it's gone

Then a beacon from a lighthouse
led me safely to the shore
And I didn't have to worry
or be troubled anymore

'Cause I was finally
coming back around
On solid ground

The truths I learned
when I was young
have stood the test of time
All the rest have slowly washed away

I try to teach my children
the best way I know how
And hope that they're
on solid ground to stay

And the lessons I was taught
keep on ringing in my ears
Simple words of wisdom
I'll remember through the years

Yes now my feet are planted sound
On solid ground
Yes now my feet are finally planted sound
On solid ground.