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I can't say your name again
Cause it will never feel the same like it did before

As we stood at your last resting spot
With broken eyes, empty, sad and lost
Hopelessly in human tragedy

All the people who cared and pray
Like I did every single day, everyday

This all happened so fast, this all happened too soon
There was no time to prepare, this was just unfair

When I say your name
It will never be the same
I wish you could see
You will be missed dreadfully

Why did you had to fly, fly away from me into the sky
Where did you go without me
Where do we go? I don't even know


I don't know, where do we go?
I don't know, what do we aim for?

What do we aim for? is this all there is to it?

But I know what I'm going to say
Pictures in my head of those days
How it felt to see your face
How it felt to touch your skin
But your're gone for so long
I need to find some courage to try
I know I have to try
Try to say goodbye