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Silent Tears

Seducer's Embrace
(Music: Dokhov/Lepikhov, Lyrics: C. Hensley)

Alone I sit in silence
Despondent and unhearing
A shell of what I once was
Life has become unbearing

Silent tears trace my cheeks
From the depths of sorrows well
No one knows the pain I feel
The utter coldness where I dwell

Slowly I die a little each day
Crumbling to nothingness
Depressed beyond redemption
Lost in a void of emptiness

In deepest shadows I hide
Living in shades of gray
No escape from this madness
The demons I cannot slay

Tragedy surrounds my soul
Everything I touch withers and dies
Trapped in the abysmal flames
Living a life of lies


Damned to walk eternal hell
Utterly without hope
No one hears my silent pleas
In this world I cannot cope

Behind smiles and laughter
I hide this pain I bare
They cannot see my heartache
The silent tears I never share