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Shadowed Face (Aeternum)

Feel the life run out of your body
Oh love what is it what came over me
I lost you before I experienced your love

Dark is the night, deep is the red of blood
No, I can't beg mercy before a god
I lost my love, I lost my soul
Hidden in shadows the creature lurks

I take a look in the gleaming mirror
The candle in my back burns the time
Burying my face in shadows and soft light
The wick is down, the reflection fades to grey

The wounded soul cries in fear and pain
A lost love I carry to her restless peace
Damned to hunt me through my darkest dreams
A face covered by shadows almost like the mine

I cannot awake, I cannot die, no chance
A shadow lurks beyond shadows, so dark
For my soul, I murdered my love, she's dead
May I confess, may I realize - too late

One more walk into the realm of shadows
One more confrontation with your torment
And no more free, fettered to lust for blood
No more.... no more...

And no more love, my heart bleeding shadows