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Self Inflicted Abuse

reach into my hands, break these walls that you have built
eclipsed spirit ran, nesteled deep within your soul
removed from this world, evil damnation takes it toll
oneself begotten...
see me as im aiding you
this is now your dream
raszor sharpened misery, acid short horror
severed from this mortal coil, screaming blind abyss
into your own emptiness. death coussing all through
see how ive been guiding you
go, disolving from, eroding to
self inflicted abuse
god of dirt, devolving from
self inflicted abuse
man of waste, prayers mean nothing now
self inflicted abuse
tangled in arteries, breed not death
self inflicted abuse
imploding, from a deserted shell
self inflicted abuse
freedom is death and the prison is life
darkness provides the sole escape from light
inside of heaven lies the root of hell
between living and nothing we shall dwell
banishment to hell, eternally we shall fall
no longer lifes slave, one with the astrial siffering
nomad free from earth, soul cleansed by infernal flames
death has replaced life, knowing that ive guided you
dream or nightmare it is a fine line
you have been led to a pain most divine
ages of pain inflict everywhere, self consumed and drowned in despair
and finally know that i've guided you