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Sea Of Time

Royal Hunt

Band/Artist: Royal Hunt

Album: Fear

In the ocean of dreams
things are changing but staying the same
Nothing is like it seems
So unreal that it drives me insane in the heat of seven suns Surrender to the power of time. End of the line –
ready or not but you’ll always remember

Everyday in your life you’ve lonely
Every tear in your eye is only
little step on the way to face your fear – I’m thinking about you
Every bridge that you’ll burn behind you
Every page that you’ll turn’ll remind you what
everyday is another lonely tear falling in the sea of time

Gentle voice from above
makes you carry your cross through the day
Speaking wisdom and love
to confuse you – then fading away
into the light of 7th sun he’ll run
Don’t be afraid, never surrender
Ages will pass but we’ll always remember