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Running Away from the Circus


Band/Artist: Ewigkeit

Album: Cosmic Man

“Roll up! Roll up!
Come and see the circus of freaks,
fools and pitiful miscreants”

In the full moon's ring the acts perform
And I curse the day that I took refuge here
This freak show is an open lid to hell
From the canvas ceiling
to the murky depths below

Running away from the circus

Every day is a nightmare
Culminating in the show
The ringmaster cracks his whip
(his top hat hiding his horns)
The performers laugh nervously
The crowd jeer in contempt
I envy the man who put his head
In the hungry lion’s mouth

Running away from the circus

I've been kept awake for months
By the weeping of the clowns
The trapeze artist’s plain drunk
And the strongman breaking down
I am the tightrope walker
Every day I deal with death
She lives in the wagon opposite
With a man with fire for breath

Acrobatic elephants
A self-immolating car
A bearded lady, a man in a bottle
Don’t run, you won’t get far…
We never stop for too long
For fear of acception
Spiraling down, from town to town…
I must run away from the circus
It’s a living, breathing hell
All performers are in limbo
With no souls left to sell

Dive into the bucket
From 100 feet above
The magician removes his handkerchief
And lets loose a dove ;

"Fly away, my white feathered friend"