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Ruin Empire

Mortuorial Eclipse
The misery of human race
as ardent stigma of a doomed earth.
While ancient's words are forgotten,
plagues are the knives of the hallowed slayers.

Blinding glow on the throne of the deceit.
Lugubrious saints over the altar
conferring death without killing.

Over the ruins of an empire
the realm of ruin arise.
While their god is pealing to evoke the disaster
The reign of ruin arise.

Covered with fine garments his mortal greed.
Under the skin hides the marks of an old thorn.

The Cross marched beside the Sword.
Leaving paths of conquest and dispossession.
Assassins having their flag blessed.
There will no pain when the slave kneels.

Disease as benediction
for those who escape from the tempest.
Once more seal is broken.
Sculpted figures presage the collapse of the Ruin Empire.

A man is worth less than his grave.

Light that blinds instead of enlighten.
Pests and Diseases, The ravenous allies.