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Ripped With Hooks / Outro

Scrambled Defuncts
Immerse my first into verminous virginal holes
Emboweled beheaded and scissed mothers' corpses
Lying binded clodded sculpture of scotched flesh
I evulse steaks of still-born children in sequence
Goading into fury I lose my self control
Disrooted corrupted bodies suspended on meat hooks
They are gnawed and divided into several parts
Blood dripping from hacked chunks
Necropedophilia became the base of my nightmares
Children commit mortal sin coiting with me
Hear eerie voices loud they invite me
I eat their ejection, rake in hackled brains
I see reflection of outrageous desire
In picked out goggled eyes pensiled on nerves
Satisfying my lust for lamenting victims
I guzzle gushing blood from jugulated gobs
Mauling the fork with gully, I guttle their meat
Being raped on and on they have dreadful sight
To give squirmed children sweat with blood
When my skiver is stucking their gizzards
Gluey pus runs out from empty eyeholes
In bate spite I excrvciate agonized bodies
I suck out spinal fluid from dubs of necks
Strands of hair supernatant in spilled sputum
Paunched children flinching and faint flouncing
Skin decorticated from faces awry with pain
Crotches penetrate stifled and cleaved children
Pierced and rended abdomens covered with sperm
I chew exscinded prepuce and obdurated nodes
Nipped off and nibbled genitals floating in spew
Gaunted muscles of pryed corpses get ossficated
I copulate with deformed and squashed infants
Collops and clewed up entrails stew in own juice
Shapeless bodies flaping on holdfasts