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Reasons To Live

Once again I'm here alone, my secret life awaits me,
Still a thousand miles away from a land of broken dreams,
Night falls and the screen is shining, force deception behind the lines,
Hours wasted aimlessly gone, time and time again.

Try to understand, desperately lost with a dream in my hand,
Will you wait alone for me tonight?
Hold me, save me.

A star shines in all of us, we'll search for all our lives,
One day we'll find a way, and a reason to survive,
Cry for the day to return, life no one can understand,
We all face our fears in the world,
We all hold our place in the universe,
For eternity...

Hide the lines deceive myself, erase the past from my space,
Images of loneliness sent far across the land,
Once sure, but my eyes are blinded,
Frantic charge for a place to hide
Lost generations apart, an ancient life returns.

Kindness in her eyes, taken away by a man in disguise,
Won't you wait alone again tonight?
Save me, take me.