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Andre Nickatina
You know god, the devil is acting a mother fucking fool

Well yes, watch out for those buster
Busters and you never can trust them
Sooner or later gotta me a hafta dump them in the ocean
And them them girls around them we gonna get rid of them, second
Watch that four blown, gage on time (tragic, tragic, tragic, tragic)
And you know that cinnnomon bread that you didn't want to give me?
So when me get down, me bring my rotwilder round
And make them shake that thang

The raven in my eyes got me going against the grain
If you purple like the rain
Feel me nigga now check the grip, Get rich quick or die
Some can't get rich so god damn quick, so they suffer and get high
God fearin niggas, who sin and make they ends
Corner store ballas who can't think without they gin
Mandadory consequence if you spit this busnuiss splittin rocks
Bullets connect with red dots, shit this ghetto red hot
A vision like twelve monkeys, split the blunt and fill her up
We ready to cuss and dump on niggas who wanna buss
Spittin 45 and newer nines mindstate on barrcudda
Nigga watch the heat cause the heat will seek and the heat will go right through ya
My mouth a make an attitude and hall game
Street chemist ghetto star dealin with the pain
They say "Andre Nickatina keep it comin"
The game done got so thick that I can't even have a woman
Let me look into your eyes, witness all the lies,
Somewhere down the line you made a grown man cry, why?

Raven in my eyes put a man to test
Man not bullet proof, man be made of flesh
You know me keep on singing
The raven in my eyes put a man to test
And I say
Man not bullet proof, man be made of flesh
You know me keep on sayin
A raven in my life put a man to test
And you know me sayin
Man not bullet proof, man be made of flesh

B. Adams do ya still love me?
Cause your first born is struggeling (tragic tragic tragic)
And it's hard to stay drug free, mama do you love me?