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Rap Star Heaven

Boosie Badazz
I'm about to take y'all to a place I see in my head
Where everybody get along
Everybody get along (Rap star)
This a place where people like me go (Boosie Badazz)
(I'm goin' to rap star heaven)
And enjoy everything that we did (Rap star heaven)
We got some bad motherfuckers in rap star heaven
(I'm goin' to rap star heaven, I'm goin' to rap star heaven
You know who you gotta see in rap star heaven)

2Pac and Biggie, in the same city (Chillin')
Both of 'em on Henny (Both of 'em on Henny)
And they women sexy (Bad bitches)
On the stage, XXXTENTACION (on the stage, XXXTENTACION)
Turned up with Mac Miller (Turned up with Mac Miller)
Pimp C up in the back, he got his own booth
He and Big Hog sippin' (Laid back, big sippin')
Mac Dre, he in the building (Got the Bay up in the building)
Eazy E, he run the building (Eazy got it on lock)
Soulja Slim up in the back, pattin' his camel pack
With his threes to the ceiling (That mean Shawty Lo chillin')

Rap star heaven
(We got DJ Screw in this club, baby, you know what this is right here)
Rap star heaven
(We got Jam Master Jay on the ones and twos, aw shit)
Rap star heaven
(I'm Boosie Badazz, I'm that nigga, I know this is)
I'm goin' to rap star heaven
A place where everybody get along

Rap star heaven (Rap star heaven)
Bankroll Fresh (Bankroll, Bankroll)
Lil' Snupe in the VIP (Look at Snupe)
Hollerin' 'bout, " Who wanna come and freestyle with me?"
Now him and Marley goin' at it (Now him and Marley goin' at it)
Camoflauge say next (Camoflauge say next)
Prodigy and Big L up in this motherfucker
And Chinx posted up fresh (Look at BTY Young'n, man)

Rap star heaven
(Big Pun in this motherfucker, Big Nut playin' Lucci)
Rap star heaven
(Leopard, I see you girl, haha)
Lil Lonnie, Mississippi, rap star heaven
(One thing you can't take from me, I make some good ass music)
I'm goin' to rap star heaven
(Nate Dogg, just roll, my nigga)
The place where everybody get along

Goin' to that place
(You ain't gotta pack a gat no more, you ain't gotta watch your back no more)
Goin' to that place
(You in rap star heaven, baby, everything free, baby)
Once you in that place
Rap star heaven
(We gon' play some cards, nigga)
Rap star heaven
(We gon' play some dominos, nigga)
Rap star heaven
(Lil Bleek and I, you dig, yeah)
And I know where I'm goin'
Rap star heaven
Can't hate on me no more, no
Rap star heaven
This for every rapper we done lost
If I forgot you, your fans will never forget you, remember that
You in that place now (Rap star heaven)