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Psycho Symphony (feat. Syn of Zug Izland)


Band/Artist: Boondox

Album: Abaddon

[Verse 1 - Boondox:]
Fall asleep dreamin' red is what I see anymore
And I do not fear of death because I seen em before
My eyes are closed to open wide the scenery never change
Only the players in the game, but all the rest stay the same
Is this reality I'm livin' in or penance for pricing
I'm feelin' sorry for myself, please take out the violin
And play a symphony to soundtrack of a lunatic
I'm either illuminated or finally losin' it
I walk a thin line between myself and somebody else
And I cannot decipher between I'm living in fuckin' hell
Or dying on earth, my whole world is a crying shame
Nothing is what it seems it's like some shit outta crying game
I'm sickening, inflicted in feeling somewhat vindictive I
Put a bullet in my brain, but even that seems conflicted
Where would I end up or would it just start all over?
Give me the horns of Lucifer or the wings of Jehovah

[Hook - Syn:]
All this violence in your head seem
Flowing through your veins like a symphony
And it's a psychopathic melody
Sit in silence still your head scream
Playing through your veins like a symphony
And it's a psychopathic melody
It's a psychopathic melody
It's a psychopathic melody

[Verse 2 - Boondox:]
Is my reality a figment of my imagination?
Everything that I see, somehow it's all my creation
Or am I just as disturbed some fuckers locked in the padded cell
Doped up on anti psychotics, livin' in hell
Can't remember my birth, no recollection of death
And would it all go away? No longer taking a breath
And would it all go away if I started blastin' at bastards?
Startin' killing everybody, I'm a virus or cancer?
Many reasons for bleeding the reason families are grieving
The reason for seasons like I'm a reason for heathens
Or am I just a human being who is only being human
With more questions and answers like "What the hell am I doing?"
Why do I'm still obsessed with this shit just fill me with [?]
Let me drew in the corner, just shoot me up fully dopamine
I just wanna drift away I call my dearly departed
But with melodic sounds this whole situation got started


[Bridge - Syn:]
This won't go away until your dying day
You will suffer in your own way (your own way)
And in the end there will be hell to pay (hell to pay)
At the gates they say "go away, go away, go away..."