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Playa's Ball

BJ the Chicago Kid

Band/Artist: BJ the Chicago Kid

Album: 1123

How y'all feelin' tonight?
I said, "How y'all feelin' tonight?" (Alright)
Well ladies if you in the buildin'
And you sexy and you got that feelin'
Let me hear ya say "ah-ah" (Ah-ah)
Say "ah-ah" (Ah-ah)
And all my dogs in the buildin' [?] if you fuck with
Hustlers [?] that make that cash
Say "hell yeah" (Hell yeah)
Say "hell yeah" (Hell yeah)

Oh, baby (Baby)
I been chillin' right here all night long (Woo-ooh)
It's just crazy that the baddest woman came along (And girl)
I bet you could change the weather
Better yet my life, if you hold me baby (Hold me baby)

Sweeter than honey (Honey)
You can have it all even my money (Even my money baby)
Got all my dogs laughin' 'cause it's funny
I'm such a fool for you
Yeah, all of this and I don't even know her name

(Boom, tch, ka, tch, b-boom, boom
Ka, boom, boom, tch, ka, tch, b-boom
Boom, ka, boom, boom, tch, ka, tch
B-boom, boom, ka, boom, boom)

I see it makes you smile when I call you baby (Baby)
I hope I can see that smile every day (Ooh-ooh)
And I walked over here because they asked "Who?"
And I said "you"
Yeah, all of this and I don't even know your name (Your name)
I guess that's what I'll call you just for now (Just for now)
And baby, 'fore you leave please take a bow
Yes, you, oh
As I walk you out baby can I know your name?

[Rick Ross:]
Time is of the essence, diamonds in your presence
Want you to myself, would you consider that is selfish?
Okay, what ain't cool?
That just been the mood
You know that certain feelin' when they drop you off at school
You loco with your homies, cyphers in halls
Your first nickel bag, you be caught up in the fall
Jordans on the park, [?]
Hoes on the liquor, but your cellphone need a charge
How do we connect other than the internet?
She brought her homie with her, how she know I'm into that?
That's such a perfect guest, this a hustler's tournament
The road to the riches, bitches ain't no turnin' back (Yo)

(Maybach Music)
The biggest boss, Young Renzel
BJ The Chicago Kid
AKA The Windy City
Bitch better catch the breeze
And my yayo, cocaine cowboy
Young Renzel, aka the biggest boss