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Paralyzed (feat. Lectro Dub)

So I know what you've been thinking
That you're the only thing that's lurking in the night
But you aren't safe within in the shadows
'Cause tonight begins the hunt and you're in sight
Moonlit eyes under still and haunting sky
I can see within the soul you've stowed away
Tend your fire, draw this cursed evening's ire
Try your odds and you just might become the prey

That adrenaline rush when weapons fly
It's the fear that brings out that body high
So you know that I'm stuck here paralyzed with you
In a midnight clash of circumstance
At the mercy of my inhuman hands
I will bring myself to see this challenge through
It's a stalemate
In a twist of fate
When you're face to face with death itself
Grounds of battle where no heroes dwell
For a light thrill
Or a cold night's chill
You will be this hunter's golden prize
If you leave your guard down, paralyzed

Wicked traps are set around you
Not a lantern lit in sight to guide you home
You've been looking for the danger
And you sense my presence chilling in your bones
Take your stance, I will give you one fair chance
So let's make this dance a bloody masquerade
Understand how this ends, and what I am
You're against the night itself, so be afraid

As the darkness takes the light
Shadows crawling through the night
I will let you take my hand
But I hope you understand
That it's always been the same
Bringing thunder with the rain
But you shouldn't be afraid
Of the games they like to play
Every moment left alone
Gets to feeling more like home
Leaving chills under your skin
So let's start to settle in
Through the multitude of eyes
Taking shapes under the skies
Aren't you curious to see
What kind of monster you've set free
You try to scream but there's no sound
Try to hide and you'll be found
You'll be next to bear the mark