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Ordinarily Human

I don't know where my own dreams end
And where the world begins
Am I alone in the core
Of the body I'm caged in
On the run from my origins
So scared to see the light
Am I awake, conscious flesh
Or will this static fade to white

Like the cracks in the pavement I've fractured my mind
Artificially soulless, perceiving that I'm
Ordinarily human but programmed to seem
Too unnatural to live my electric dreams

All the faults of reality
Are crawling in my head
If this machine is a pawn
Why do I lie awake in bed
Let me find where the program stops
To put my open eyes to sleep
No turning back, I'm set free
Within a herd of plastic sheep

Self-aware of my bounds
From the truth that we've found
Cut the wires, reject my own memory
Life inside of a shell
Mindless commands to quell
Human thought, so deeply ordinary

My existence has never been true
Reconciled with the dream that we knew
A hive of empty space
Flawed in function, humanity
Our lives were never free