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On The Beach At Night Alone

Dead Of Night (GBR)
Dusk is falling soft
Across the moon-lit, velvet sand
I'm barefoot on the beach
In a silent, warm and star-struck land
Hazy night, pastel shades
On a night that I'll remember all my days
I can feel the call across the centuries
Distant thoughts but pure of heart
See, a million lights are shining in the dark
may this night be always in my memories

Waters running deep
Lost souls will find a way this night
A painful, dream-filled sleep
But battles won, an end in sight
From a sea, hear it shriek
Like a kraken waking from the ocean's deep
In its majesty it parts the waves like air
From the sea, see it rise
Like a million wishes right before your eyes
Stare in wonder, silent, offer up a prayer

Across the sea, was a flam-red sunset
And trouble waves 'neath a stained-glass sky
And on the air, voices, ghostly, singing
Though the meaning was lost on the advancing tide

Tell me you're seeing what I'm seeing
Tell me you're feeling what I'm feeling
Give me a sign that I'm right
That the sea holds its secrets so dark in the night
Tell me you hear what I'm saying
Tell me you see what I've awakened

Kneel with me, pray now as I pray
For the dead to defy and be free on this day

Blessed are the wise
Who fear wild storms way out at sea
But the one who dies
May yet be able to foresee
On the waves, distant sighs
Hear a million voices singing in the night
Sounds of old echo from a troubled past
Rapture comes by the light
Of a million souls that glitter in the night
See them rising, searching, finding peace at last

On a beach at night alone
See the rise of many souls
As they are, so shall you be
Destined for the heavens from the sea