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Off Top


Band/Artist: DaBaby

Album: Baby Talk 5

Yeah yeah yeah
(I'm really Rich)

Ok, I got too many rooms inside my crib
I'm on FaceTime with my hoes, bitches asking where I live

I just sat with the label, but I didn't sign the deal
I told my plug to "Turn me up"
He told me, "Boy you need to chill"
And I'm a keep the fucking swanging till we got a fucking M
Forever loyal to my family, never switching on my friend
Inside the gate been pushing weight before I ever seen a gym
Took a loss for 30 thousand when I dropped Above the Rim
They talking money when we meeting, ain't meeting again
Ain't no capping in my rapping, so I never need a pen
I like a freak to mind her business, tell the people that I'm her friend
Play for keeps
I get the pussy, then I dip 'em in the wind
I'm a mothafucking pimp
I fuck 'em once, I fuck again
If I ain't on patron, I'm on the hen
And I ain't tryna kick it with you niggas, fuck a friend
All these bitches in my mention, liking pictures on the gram
I'm having way too much for shittin' on you niggas
They knocking on my door
Cause I'm different on you niggas
How can I ignore
That I'm the sickest that ever did it
Rocking shiny clothes and dancing in my videos like Diddy
I'm that nigga in my city
And if a fuck nigga ever hattin', he only hattin' cause he ain't with me
And if a lil bitch you hear is talking down, she only talking down cause she in her feelings
Know you heard bout baby Jesus
Everybody round 'em winning
I just did a show in Charlotte and bitches wrapped around the building

Ok, I got so many rooms inside my crib I'm on FaceTime with my hoes, bitches asking where I live

I just got lost, I used my gps to take me to my friend
I told my baby momma she can work for me and watch the kid
Before I leave I kiss my daughter, my lil baby getting big
When she was born, I told her she gone be 13 in a Benz
Steady flexing on my old friend, I just dropped my next again
I'm smoking OG with my old head, talking shit and drinking hen
Fucking rook, you know you should've checked the pack
You bought the floop, I did the scoop
Just made the play in public housing, rocking skinny jeans and boots
These bitches hanging on my dick, they keep on saying I'm the truth
Bitches see me and they squeeze me, got the juice
I'm on the flock 3 times a week, for stuffing dick inside your boot
She call my phone, I'm coming over
Put it on her, she like ouu
I'm setting trends for all these niggas tryna copy what I do
But you can't never be like me, you might as well just be like you
Coolest money in the jungle, nigga the mothafucking zoo
Got monkey nuts below that AK, bitch pull up go with yo move
Any nigga touch my family
I pull up, shoot up the school
Had niggas begging me to calm down
Bet you niggas to go get the law now
I finna talk to nan nigga on the internet
Cause when I bump into him, I'm a draw down
Nigga don't know what to do with me
They put a wall up, I tear a wall down
Fuck a nigga, I ain't falling for it
Never fall off, never fall down
Fuck them other niggas, we ball
Till they come and make us put the ball down

Ok, I got so many rooms inside my crib I'm on FaceTime with my hoes, bitches asking where I live

And I ain't write none of that shit nigga
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
A-a-and Bitch I don't play