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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Antioch Antioxidant Accident
"Where's your duplicate"
"where's your other half"
they were asking for your sorry ass again today
We shared some knowing glances
and some confirmed suspicions
"I don't know" I lied, "I haven't seen that kid in ages"
I was happy for you
I was jealous even
not of her but of the normalcy she represented
But then you grew complacent
She filled an empty space
and filling holes was good enough to blind you to her toxic traits

I struggle every day to see the things you see in her
Two polar opposites with nothing better they can do
than try to force themselves to tolerate each other's presence
til no one else can even try at tolerating yours

From the outside we could tell you that you got it wrong
Show you how you changed and why you have to let her go
We miss you - I miss you
But how would you address the slow decay of 20 years' love?