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Notre Dame (King of Fools)

Warbringer (USA)
Oh, you thought that you might rule
They have played you for a fool (A fool)
You could never be like them
Solitude your one true friend
You fool

Can you hear their laughter ring
As they crown you king?
A king of fool
King of fools, king of fools
A broken crown, oh king

Oh, you could never rule
Hahahaha, you fool (You fool)
Can you hear their laughter ring
As they crown you king of fools? You fool

I call for sanctuary in the spires of Notre Dame
Their kindness was a dagger, I'll never belong
This world will reject me, this tower is my home
To my one true friend, the gargoyle, I ask
Why am I not made of stone?

Made of stone

I still hear their laughter ring
From down there in the festival of fools

So long the church has stood
A silent witness
Through the ages
All the holy tomes
The histories
Flammable pages

The gargoyle's long watch is no more

Now the fires will burn
The ancient stone
Of the cathedral
Now the bells shall ring
Atop the steeple
Now the flames engulf
The memories
Of long lost glories
And who will preserve
What was lost?
The unknown stories

And the world will go on, but forever changed