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Nothing Within


Band/Artist: Rancor

Album: Dark Future

I hear nothing, my eyes see only black
No air is running I'm trapped here inside
I can't wake up, it's time to die
Where am I? Is this a grave?
I don't understand, have I gone insane?
My body is cold, I'm paralyzed

Pale is my skin, muscles are dead
Six feet underground, buried alive
I'm not alone, insects creeping
Hosting production, putrefaction begins

Rigor mortis, dried as sand
A creepy sensation, something's moving within me
My lungs not breathing but I'm awake
Hollow is my chest, a rotten smell
I cannot remember, how can I be dead?
My heart is not beating, but I'm not dead

Something inside me, is moving within
Growing slowly, feeding on me
Creep in my body, so many of them
A brand new life, maggots eating my flesh

I'm breeding, I'm buried, no life
No time, eternally here, no light
No pain, there's nothing within

Empty carcass, no organs, no flesh
Rest of my skin show the bones beneath
Mixed with the ground my remains

Hollowed skull, an empty brain
Eaten from inside belly and chest
Muscles decayed, what is left?
My whole body has been taken away

I'm empty, I'm nothing
No life, I'm already dead
No time, no light, black in my head
No pain, there's nothing within

No life, no time, no light, no pain, nothing