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Not Numb (feat. Olu & Buddy)

Childish Major
[Childish Major:]
Late, lately

Lately all your friends, I mean all of 'em wanna give into all demand
Try to run but I'm human and it's tough
We not an item, I like you, but it's rough
We not an item, I like you, but I
Know the feelings is there and then they die slow
Kiss that, lick that, I am not your guy though
But you could come over, kill it, then send my condolences
I don't like loneliness, but your heart, I can't hold it in, saw you

Ayy, sometimes I wanna call you, but sometimes I need affection
My friends be tellin' me that you a blessing
I need more time to see it, I'm back and forth on how I really see you
We fuckin' and I start feeling something, I gotta leave you
Low-key embarrassed, we talkin' 'bout me and parents
When I'm writing songs, my pen put you in lyrics
When we steppin' out, I flaunt you
Classic case of catching feelings, man, it'll haunt you
'Cause now I think I want you

I like you, I love you, we fuckin'
You hate when I act out in public
We're both young, we're both drunk, don't judge me
This is why we can't be together
I bet you I still wet you up
No pressure, it's a connection
Love, forever love

[Johnny Venus:]
Yeah, it's too late (Too late)
Plus your mama 'dem love me
Always begging to put extra scoops on my plate (My plate)
You don't know what you want, girl
Heartbreak on your fork, tell me how it taste
You can swallow that like you swallow me
Maneater, say we just friends, but friends don't act this way
I done got my heart in it, right there with my socks
In your dryer, girl, tumbling, tossing it, ooh