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Nihilistic Theorem

Unfathomable Ruination
Omens of obliteration speak to us
Yet here we stand endowed, with the insidious belief
Of further existence, beyond the cosmic void

For withdrawal has subjugated us
Through the discipline of a long-dead culture
And the collective madness, of denying inevitable change

Corpses fall like burnt leaves
Yet it's good I haven't known, beyond the boon
That sheds a glimpse of divine indifference

Sentient beings proved to be a dysfunctional singularity
In the quantum evolution,
Grasping reality through the illusions
Left behind by social engineering

The world is a savage garden where things are born and die
Where suffering, is irrelevant to the endless dispute
Between cycles of death and creation

The overarching connections between Elements
Is nothing but deception of a superior purpose
That bonds us to fluids and flesh