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Band/Artist: Tysondog

Album: Cry Havoc

3 in the morning I've cast the die now
Take the warning running for your life
In the nigh time I hear the warning
Every time you and me look behind

Put the liar in the fire
Tears are burning I'm frightened in the night
All the shadows in the darkness
Never heard the demons coming down the night

In the morning
In the night-time
Heed the warning
There coming down the track
They live forever
They know your name now
They'll easily find you
Your gonna have to run

Hit the run
You better hit the road
There coming after you with everything they've got
You better be scared
You better be so scared

They're gonna get you cause they're on your trail
In the night

Hey listen all you waifs and strays
They're running through the town kickin doors in
The police sirens are whaling but there's nobody around
Everybody seems to be gone underground
And the fires' burning
In the night time I hear them knocking at my door
I hear them they're coming up now

Protect everything you got
Protect everything you got

Protect everything you got