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Natural laws

Altars Of Annihilation
Darkness is all i see
In this bedroom
in my life day after day
in this shelter
I run away
From my circunstances
I walk through this path of violence
The path everyone must embrace
Signed by the human nature
And the animal nature as well

In this house I can´t lie down
i can t rest
This is the agression´s domain
This scarcity is dependency
Atavism and brutality
Loneliness, come to me
All I want is to be with you
In your arms I will rest
With my blade I will seek for revenge

Blade my weapon human tool the means of destruction
Cold metal and sharp edge make a perfect incision
Darkness is the eternal ally of the weaks
This night will be eternal but to you this means no shit

Metal and blood, they are the perfect match
Screaming in pain, howling in the night
Your scarlet fluids, are spilled all over this room
our existence is ephemeral, Death now surrounds you