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Strolling through existence
Gliding through the distance
As life bends to blend the senses
Jump the fences, choke pretenses

Drifting, further shifting
Into the darkness I see
Myself in the mirror
The darkness, the misery
Out of the light I perceive
The past was a moment
Not worthy of torment
And I am the dust
In a world of cement
As I comatose back into sleep

I wake up in a different place
From the ground a sound arises
Like a spike that pierces through
It drills into my mind
The vacuum no more an empty place
The noise repeats
The mind retreats
As the muscles can't resist
They twist my face

Woken up the mind restarts
Fills up with thoughts of poisoned darts
Pins and nails, the aching pain
Soon enough it all gets pushed aside
A feeble attempt is made to open eyes
Vision blurs from red to black
I hope in vain to awake in bed
The darkness turns back to red
My fingers wrap around a crack
The floor is cold, blood has been shed
The more I push up the more I see
That I am dust on concrete
And now the concrete's staring back