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Movin' On (feat Jelly Roll & Demi Demaree of Villebillies)


Band/Artist: Boondox

Album: Abaddon

[Verse 1 - Boondox:]
The bottom of this bottle's gettin' closer, but I'm miles away
Too much thinking going on, but not a lot to say
I've done some praying but my soul, not can be saved
I know exactly where it's headed but I'm not afraid
Committed evil but commitment always lost on me
Picked up emotions, lost my mind when I lost my homie
It took it's toll, cut too deep for these scars to heal
And so I locked it all away
Forgot how to feel
Thought I'd found the answer
Life it played a different tune
Death it took her from me
Snatched the way she gone too soon
And that's the shit that turn me cold. And when my light faded
I'm still alive and I'm still kickin but It also jaded
Fucked up relationships
The king is striking love to matches
Soaked in gasoline and burned away on every mattress
And yes I know that burns you up
I know I did you wrong..
That's why the only thing to do is leave on living on

[Hook - Demi Demaree:]
And If you see her
Tell her I've been gone
Ain't nothin left to talk about
Tell her I've moved on
And tell her I've been thinkin
Thinking all night long
And if she ever comes around
Tell her I've been gone
And tell her I've moved on

[Verse 2 - Boondox:]
My hands are dirty with some things that I can't wipe away
Just like some words that are said and I forgot to say
They say that time can heal, but time is all that's left to kill
I might end up alone but that's the hand they had to deal
The easy path, that never been the one for me to take
I think sometimes I'm only happy with the shit I break
I know I'm hard to love
My demons keep me in the black
Sometimes I wish that I could change, but ain't no turning back
That's why I roll with heed of revengeance. Serve the bittersweet
A jealous rage that might be waitin' for me in the street
To put a end to all the pain I seem to leave behind
That might be why I make it easy, I ain't hard to find
I wish that I could I'm say sorry for this trail of tears
Apologize for wasted time and all the wasted years
But that's the way I live my life
I put it in a song
Yet we was just another verse and now I'm living on


[Verse 3 - Jelly roll:]
Wish I had the time a day, been grindin tryin to find a way
Been grindin tryin to start a movement
Modern day Violent J
Whiskey makes me tipsy for a minute I forget the pain
All of a sudden people know my name, I swear this shit's insane
From penitentiary blues to sold out shows
Ain't seen my daughter in some months, man I've been out on the road
Man I've been running from reality through all the songs I say
And somehow I fucked off relationships along the way
Let me pop another pill but I'm still feelin the same
Wouldn't know I was alive if I didn't feel any pain
I was engaged to a woman
She got up and moved away
Said I was a lunatic that can't communicate
So I wish that I could find her so that we could have a talk
And then burn the bitches house down and just wait for the cops
Riddled they called the bullets the moment that I see em
Then maybe they'll kill me and my life will be complete