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Mount Rapture

Mankind's constructed fallacy
Aggressively upheld a reality
Fit for an age without questions
But these constructions of delusion now crumble
And the candour of nature prevails
Over eons of irrationality

A new complexity rises
Crashing waves violently force themselves
Into stagnant waters of old
As progression descends
Serving us evolution on a plate
Mankind's infancy is over
Our vision is finally clear

We've reached the summit
The zenith of our mountain
And the clouds of delusion
Are finally beneath us

Mount rapture crumbles
Fashioned worlds corrode
Stale ignorance implodes
Reality shines through
The bewilderment of old

Man derives from the great old blue
From mankind's disavowal
Grew confusion, grew delusion
In a haze
From human curiosity and logic
Reason and clarity are born