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Enslaved (NOR)
See her cruel beauty
Hostile to the constants
Ever changing scourge
Ashen thrones
Converge upon me
Come winds of destruction
Electrocute the stale

Thaw! False ice to water
Speak! Sharp tongues sever sick limbs
Numb! Do not look away
Opt! Permanent particles

Curtains be unshut
Old wounds opened and bled
Wishes laid to rest
Ashen hopes
Reflections of truth
Drops of eternity
Instances captured

Etch! New shapes will emerge
Need! Reaching into the dark
Owe! I opened the gates
Roar! O', devourer of time

There's this chamber
Randomly placed in time and space
Echo chamber
Achievable dream
Heuristic observers might find
Ends to the means
Rain is less scarce there

You heeded my call - now read my signs
And chose to follow
Dominate slavelessly
Enter my thoughts,
And walk with me throughout these barren lands
Aligning wordlessly
Tell me my own story,
Through the inner and nether worlds
Healing accordingly
Into the night side, irreversible and remorseless
Slaughterous and reborn

-End the charade!
Return to the wombs
A funeral lost
Baptize the faceless
Light up the beacons
-End the hunt for truth!
Time to break it down
Owe nothing to trees
Nullify the past

Enter the maternal fires
Deter rot within the roots
Old fears no longer controls
Enter maternal fires
Xiphoid dreams

-I close the gate!
Silence the voices
Take to heart the fear
And nourish the pain
Nothing can hurt us
Called upon the mare
Ended the sham reign
These forces in tow
Endlessness opens

Ashen memories
Retain the images
In need of her strength
Time changes
Death is encountered
Over and over again
Worship her pyres